Whether it is to join LE BLOCO or simply for fun, our workshops are for everyone, with or without experience.

Playing samba/batucada, means bringing together different sections of instruments. Some are large in size and use only a mallet and others are smaller but need a more complex technique. So many levels of playing rub shoulders in the same bateria.

From the first meeting, you will be able to try different instruments, to better find the one that is right for you.

Of course, you don’t become a true sambista in 5 weeks. For this reason, many participants will follow 2 series of workshops and/or a few private lessons for better preparation. Register.

COST: Five 90 minutes workshops : 160.00 $

60 minutes private lesson : 45.00 $

"Bem vindo no LE BLOCO !!!!"

Workshop BLOCO